National SIDS Register

Notifying the National Register when Sudden Infant Death occurs

In order to accurately define the nature and extent of SIDS in Ireland, it is necessary that all sudden unexpected infant deaths are registered with the National SIDS Register. Direct early notification by professionals to the Register is required to ensure complete ascertainment of suspected SIDS cases. When a child dies suddenly and unexpectedly they are usually brought to the nearest Accident and Emergency Department and the nurse on duty is often the first person that the parents meet. However, any individual is welcome to contact the register regarding a notification. The register can be notified with the details of the death by completing a notification form and sending it by fax or post and may be contacted at the following Numbers:


Fax: No: (01) 8787696

Hotline: (087) 242 3777 (24 hour)


These numbers are available for notification but also for support both for professionals and families. We will be happy to assist you in dealing with the sudden death of an infant or young child or help you in answering any queries that the family may have. This notification is strictly confidential and if the family so wish the Register can contact them at a later date. Notification forms may be downloaded from this site.

Notification forms may be downloaded here.